What vehicle is best for your family vacation trip?

What vehicle is best for your family vacation trip?

Family is the most unit in one’s life and when it’s time spend some time with your family out you make sure to make best of every thing. In case you don’t own a car then you wonder what vehicle would be best for your trip with family! Let us give some guideline to choose the best car for your family.


Credentials important for choosing a family car


Enough spacing of the car

Availability to install baby seats in the car

More luggage space or trunk

Safety features in the car

And authentication of the car.



The seven-seated cars are best option available for the families as they can accommodate small families in a better way. They are more spacious. It is best for family vacations. It has wide space for luggage so; you don’t need to cut down your important things specially when children are onboard. You will enjoy your travelling experience with family because this car will give you comfort and liberty to roam around if you are five members. Oyla one offers APV, HI roof and other mini vans for similar role.



If you are planning on to vacation with your whole family and friends and need a big vehicle for vacation then coasters are the right pick for you. It can accommodate around 30 passengers and also has big luggage capacity. It is comfortable and best for vacation with large gatherings. Mostly companies and school and colleges book them for their vocational trips. It has all the needed facilities inside with comfy seats and Air-conditioned. Oyla one has a large fleet of coasters as well as HI ace vehicle. They make your travelling memorable.



 It is one of the most luxury car experiences one would have in his lifetime. It is super fast and comfortable and can engage up to 7 passengers with wide luggage space. It is loaded with many advanced features. It is a multi function vehicle. If you plan to go off-road on your trip then this the best option with all the safety features on. Oyla offers Prado, BRV, Vitara and many other on board for a luxurious travelling experience.

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