Privacy Policy

OYLA Private Limited is a Pakistan based rent a Car and Transportation service. The
Management of OYLA Believing on the Luxury and comfortable environment while
travelling from cities to provinces within the territorial jurisdiction of the Pakistan. OYLA
is Highly Professional Company which duly registered with the relevant departments of
the state for the performance for the client with comfort and pleasure. We focus on
quality of customer service and trying to provide our customers with quick response
time. We are securing the large fleet awaiting orders through the easier way of Mobile
Application for best facilitation for our honorable customers. We are having veteran
trained professional staff with the habit of responsibility. Our staff is maintaining the
friendly and soft environment. As result, we are able to provide our customers with
accurate estimates on journey times and booking time-scales.
We make booking process convenient for online bookings and you may call us or you can just
unlock your android or IOS for the mobile application.

Data Trust

We don’t disclose any information of user.

You can upload your picture from the internal storage or you can capture from the camera.

We only collect user information to make sure user safety and security.

Your Data help us to find the pickups and drop-off location and  which is enough for us to deliver smooth and secure service.

Legal Process

We only  disclose data to  law enforcement, according to applicable law.

User Mobile As Default SMS Handler

For verification purpose we sent OTP SMS to the user mobile and use SMS handler for auto fetching of the OTP. When he will receive SMS on same Device , it will be auto fill.

Return Policy

Our mission is to provide the costumers the best of the experiences while making the
best and sound respects and easier motives to achieve the goal of the costumers with
due responsibility .
Customer facilitations and due diligence is the key so we put our maximum efforts to
provide best ease to our clients. We will strive to gain our customers faith by working to
reveal our expertise and good intentions, Honesty is best policy while not concealing
anything. We believe on fair transactions of the time and punctuality and trying to
provide highly professional services like advanced flexibilities of respective needs of the
time. That makes us different and best among the others while dealing with the
business experience.
Treat employees and customers like professional and providing them the best comfort
zone while giving suggestion to improvement or betterment. We believe on that the
room for the betterment is always exists and we are trying not to compromise our
commitments to professional customer service. We are treating our employees and

other share holder with the very best professional approach according to the legal laws
of the land.
Our Goal is to earn the best repute while treating costumers with very best of it, Our
CEO/Director is inspired with the Winston Churchil’s Quote “I am easily satisfied with
the very best” .We earn our success each
and every day through a highly professional service customer.