Categories of cars that best match your rental needs!

Categories of cars that best match your rental needs!

If you really want to enjoy your travelling experience then you must make the right choice of vehicle and that’s depends on your journey. Whether you are going on business meeting, want to enjoy the beautiful sight in historical city Lahore, or going for a road trip on vacations. There is no specific vehicle that is best but it varies according to our needs. Let us take a look on different categories of cars that best match your rental requirements.

Economy Class

This class has the most affordable cars available to you and that are not only cheap to rent but they are also fuel efficient, so that’s a whole economize package. They have enough space to accommodate 4 passengers and also their luggage. They are small cars that can roam around in the city with less hassle. Oyla offers vehicle like Mehran, Cultus, and Wagon R within the limited budget of the customers with efficient service.

Hybrid Class Cars

It includes all the cars that are new modeled; it is relatively a new trend to hire new cars so its availability may not be present in every fleet. It is more expensive than economy class but it’s hard to talk when the matters comes to fuel efficiency. This is the most eco friendly option available because they are infused with latest technology equipment. You get the chance of riding into the high tech vehicle. Hybrid cars are way forward to a better future in automobile industry. They are very much superior in functionality. Oyla one offers hybrid cars like Vitz, civic, Vezel etc. for your classy travelling experience.

Luxury Class

The luxury class by its name is very expressive. You can find cars BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other models among the high quality vehicle. They are expensive and are mostly hired for special occasions like wedding, birthday parties and other official events. They have lot to offer in return to their price as it is considered a class symbol in many events whether it’s wedding or an official dinner. Booking luxury cars rental enable you enjoy the cars that are otherwise difficult to purchase. Oyla one a large fleet of luxury cars at your disposal and make your events and occasions special and memorable.

At last, you have to make a decision which car category suits best to your requirements and falls into your budget. Choose Oyla one for your car rental needs and we will delight your travelling experience.